SA Executive Protection


SA Executive Protection is dedicated to providing a professional and disciplined service.
We only use the most experienced staff to provide you with an outstanding service.

Having witnessed violent crime and seeing the psychological damage it causes, I felt that my expertise should be utilised directly and personally to protect the private sector before the crime takes place.
Therefore I can offer and assure you of one of the most professional personal services available in South Africa and Internationally.

Locally I undertake to protect anyone, from high profile business persons, celebrities, VIP’s, CEO’s, company directors to families and tourists.

For our international visitors, we will discreetly meet you at the airport, escort you to your destination, business appointments or tours throughout your stay to all areas of South Africa, ensuring your peace of mind and affording the maximum relaxation.

I also have an experienced team of specialized, well trained, ex police and military personnel who will protect high profile individuals, business people, families, loved ones, and anyone who has received a threat, is in fear of their life, who has been intimidated, feels unsafe or any other situation that might require professional personal protection.

SA Executive Protection is now in a postion to provide experienced and PSIRA graded guards for events, functions, building sites, commercial, industrial and private property.

Illegal occupation of buildings is another of our forte”s where we have secured successful evictions of troublesome and non paying tenants.

Experienced in all weaponry, self defence and unarmed combat.
A number of our Officers have been trained in Military Intelligence and the British SAS/Army.
Our team has encountered violent crime and we have experienced shooting incidences, so we understand the stress related to this and we can deal with the crisis in a cool and controlled manner- thereby ensuring the safety of our Principles.