SA Executive Protection

Work Experience

  • Police Force :  Internal Stability Unit  (Counter Insurgency Unit) Armed Robbery Unit (Rapid Response Team). Planning anit-crime, public safety operations and Violent Crime.
  • The Back To Reality House in London UK, 2004,
  • The 2010 World Cup Final, Credit Suisse Bank under G4S Security
  • Way up Front (armed threat to director of company during labour court dispute).
  • Constantia Estate Guest House-threat to USA family- armed protection provided 2010
  • Armed Protection for Coastal Property Group Regent Road Sea Point- Back up for portfolio manager in eviction of a violent, illegal tenant. Successful evictions of non paying tenants. Building hijackings.
  • Vehicle tracking and recovery.
  • Protection of vehicles after an accident  to ensure that the vehicle is safe guarded until the insurance company is satisfied with the tow truck companies.
  • Bodyguard owners and vehicles in case of mechanical breakdown.
  •  Part of Security Detail to President Zuma at the Human Rights Day held in Paarl at the Mbeweni Sports Centre.